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Frequently Asked Questions


At what age can my baby start taking Tummy Calm / Colic Calm / CalmCo Probiotics?

Tummy Calm, Colic Calm and our Probiotics are all suitable from 2 weeks of age.

What is the difference between Tummy Calm and Colic Calm?

The homeopathics in Tummy Calm are geared towards wind and upset tummy.

Tummy Calm is great for infants, toddlers and older children and is very helpful with the introduction of new foods, overindulgence and nervous tummy.

Colic Calm’s blend of homeopathics really focus on colic, reflux and wind, especially in infants.

Both work great for teething and hiccups as well.

What makes Colic Calm different from other stomach preparations?

Instead of relying on only one active ingredient, the many synergistic ingredients in Colic Calm work together to provide multi-symptom relief. Each dose gently stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself, as opposed to merely suppressing symptoms.

Please note: our formula does NOT contain alcohol, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, herbal oils, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, animal products, or artificial flavours and colours.

Does Colic Calm work from the very first dose for all babies?

Most babies experience relief within minutes of their first dose of Colic Calm. However, some may take longer before showing noticeable improvement, especially infants over one month of age if they have been symptomatic for a while. Sometimes it takes a few days until new positive relief association can be made with Colic Calm.

We recommend giving Colic Calm at least one week to fully work wonders. Keep in mind that many babies simply have trouble calming down once the crying cycle has begun, so try to administer Colic Calm at the first signs.

At what age can my baby start taking Colic Calm?

Colic, wind and reflux usually become evident in babies from as early as two weeks of age.

Most parents of two-week-olds have found it best to start with just a few drops, gradually adding more if needed (not to exceed the recommended dose). For such young babies, a few drops is all that is usually needed to provide relief within minutes.

What is the purpose of Colic Calm and is it safe for my baby?

Colic Calm homeopathic formula soothes baby’s digestive upsets, supports the body’s self-healing properties and digestive distress associated with teething. All homeopathic formulas must be manufactured using precise pharmaceutical methods.

Colic Calm is a combination of nine homeopathic formulas, each of which has a long history of traditional use. Even if one takes the wrong formula for the wrong condition, it will do no harm, as the body uses only what it needs. This makes homeopathic formulas especially well-suited for babies.

How long does it take to have an effect? How long does it last?

In most cases, you will see results in three to five minutes. While each baby is different, most remain comfortable for several hours.

Are the ingredients of Colic Calm safe for babies?

All homeopathic medicines, including Colic Calm, are regulated in the US by the FDA and have undergone clinical testing to substantiate their safety in order to be listed in the HPUS. All ingredients are carefully selected and must meet our strict quality assurance standards prior to use. All ingredients are meticulously calculated and safe for babies. They are all allergen-free and side-effect-free. Our bottles are safety sealed and batch samples undergo purity testing before release. We use amber glass bottles for maximum stability, quality and purity. The eight homeopathic remedies in our formula are chamomile, fennel, caraway, ginger, peppermint, lemon balm, blackthorn and vegetable carbon.

What are the directions for use?

At the first signs of digestive distress symptoms, shake the bottle to obtain a pure, rich dark mixture. We recommend starting with half the indicated dose in the weight chart, gradually increasing over the first few days until the full dose is reached.

Fill enclosed oral dispenser and dispense liquid slowly into the mouth, between cheek and gums. If needed, repeat every 30 minutes for up to 3 doses, or as directed by a physician. Do not exceed the equivalent of 6 full doses for the appropriate weight category per day. Carefully recap bottle, clean dropper, and let air dry after each use.


Colic Calm can be given prior to feeding or afterwards…whenever baby is experiencing digestive issues. Many parents report excellent results by administering one quarter to one half the recommended dose before feedings when they know the feedings usually result in symptoms. Try not to give Colic Calm immediately after feeding if baby’s stomach is full, as spit up may occur from the added pressure.

How often should the doses be administered?

One-half teaspoon (2.5mL or 50 drops) for children over 9kg. and one-quarter teaspoon (1.25mL or 25 drops) for babies under 9kg. of Colic Calm should be given whenever symptoms of colic appear, and can be repeated every 30 minutes up to a maximum of 4 doses in a 24-hour period.

Colic Calm can be given prior to feeding or afterwards…whenever baby is distressed by colic, upset stomach, gas, hiccups, teething or acid reflux. It is only necessary to give when needed, when you recognize that baby is starting to get uncomfortable and before crying starts to escalate.

Be sure to shake bottle well before each use.

Note: Please use the oral dispenser provided in box to dispense the appropriate dose of liquid slowly into baby's mouth.

What does Colic Calm taste like?

Our formula has a very pleasant, sweet taste that almost all babies love. Because we use homeopathics and not essential oils or extracts, there is no herbal taste. We have been told often that babies smile or calm down immediately when they see a Colic Calm bottle coming their way. We encourage you to give it a taste yourselves.

Can Colic Calm be added to formula or expressed breastmilk?

Ideally, Colic Calm is best given "straight." It seems to be most effective when administered on its own. Most babies really like the sweet taste of Colic Calm. We encourage parents to taste it themselves! However, parents of very finicky babies have found that their little ones prefer to have it mixed into a small amount (1 or 2 ounces is plenty) of supplementary formula or breastmilk. The taste may then be more familiar and comforting.

What is the best way to administer Colic Calm?

Babies love the naturally sweet taste of Colic Calm. Most swallow it easily when the included oral dispenser is placed between the gums and cheek towards the back of the mouth and dispensed slowly.


A dispensing alternative is the dummy dispenser, it is often less messy when baby sucks the sweet, dark formula directly from the dummy dispenser.

What if my baby spits up Colic Calm?

Some spitting up is normal. One factor is temperature. Some babies’ stomachs are sensitive to cooler liquids, so room temperature Colic Calm could be unsettling. Colic Calm may be added to a small amount (1 or 2 ounces) of warmed formula or pumped breast milk to raise the temperature and change the taste and texture back to something familiar. Every baby is different, so a little trial and error is sometimes needed.

How long should I continue giving Colic Calm to my baby?

Colic Calm should be given whenever symptoms of colic appear, until baby outgrows digestive pains. That difficult period is usually shortened considerably by Colic Calm's self-healing properties. Colic Calm has also proven extremely helpful in easing any pain associated with the introduction of new foods and teething. Many toddlers and older children have also benefitted from tummy ache relief with Colic Calm.

Can my baby take other medication while using Colic Calm?

As with all medications, it is important to ensure that your doctor is aware of the use of this product. Always check with your doctor if your baby is taking other medications or has been treated for serious health concerns.

If other medications (for example: Gaviscon, Losec or Ranitidine) being used, allow a two-hour window between the other medication and Colic Calm so that the effects of the other medication are not lessened

Does Colic Calm have any side effects?

There are no known contraindications to any of the active ingredients in Colic Calm. However, it is always advised that you check with your doctor before introducing any product.

The only harmless side effect you may notice is a temporary darkening of the stool. This occurs because Colic Calm uses a form of carbon called Carbo Vegetabilis (Vegetable Charcoal). This pure, naturally produced, non -carcinogenic vegetable charcoal makes Colic Calm black in colour.

Vegetable charcoal does not enter the bloodstream, and passes out of the body naturally and easily, along with the gases and toxins it has collected on its journey through the digestive track.

What role does the vegetable charcoal play?

The key ingredient in Colic Calm is carbo vegetabilis (vegetable charcoal). Charcoal, or carbon, as it is called, is the most abundant element on Earth. Carbon is an important element; the human body is composed of 18% carbon (65-75% of the body is water). It works by a process called adsorption (this is different from absorption, which means to incorporate or assimilate a substance). Vegetable charcoal is an inactive material which passes through the intestines without being absorbed itself. On its way, it collects toxins and wastes via adsorption. It also adsorbs gases, thus relieving flatulence, bloating and gas pains. It is fully excreted in bowel movements and will darken stools. Because it is not a drug, it has no direct action on any organ of the body, it does not enter the blood stream, nor is the vegetable carbon itself absorbed into the body. All of it passes out of the body system naturally and easily, along with the gases and toxins it has collected on its journey.

Can Colic Calm be used for anything other than colic?

You can use Colic Calm when baby experiences digestive upset that accompanies teething or when introducing new foods that may cause gas pain or upset stomach. It also relieves indigestion, bloating, and flatulence and treats hiccups quickly. Parents often report that Colic Calm gently stimulates eliminative properties and encourages bowel regularity. In addition, a great number of parents swear by Colic Calm for natural relief of acid reflux.

How does Colic Calm help with teething?

The chamomile in our formula soothes gums sore from teething. Saliva in teething babies produces an enzyme that upsets their stomachs. Additionally, babies cry a lot when teething and tend to take in more air, making them gassy and irritable. This can cause even more crying, and so the cycle continues…until Colic Calm comes to the rescue and relieves the source of the pain all the way through baby's digestive system.

How long should each bottle last?

Each bottle contain 48 x ¼ teaspoon (1.25ml) doses for babies under 20lbs (9.1kg) or 24 x ½ teaspoon (2.5ml) doses for babies over 20lbs (9.1kg). Some children require more doses than others, depending on the frequency of their symptoms.

We recommend discarding 3 weeks after opening.

How do I store Colic Calm?

This product should be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Because there is no need for refrigeration, Colic Calm is also ideal for travelling away from home.

Does Colic Calm carry any warnings or information statements?

Follow instructions on dosage amounts. Standard warnings are indicated on both box and bottle label. Keep out of the reach of children. As with all medications, ensure that your doctor is aware of the use of this product.

Why does my baby sleep soundly and longer after giving Colic Calm?

Most often, because pain has been relieved and baby is comfortable and able to relax and rest. There are absolutely no narcotic or habit-forming ingredients in our formula. Peaceful sleep often follows naturally after relief.

What is the difference between the homeopathics in Colic Calm and herbal oils in other gripe waters?

We are indeed the only gripe water that contains homeopathic remedies(homeopathic medicine), as opposed to herbal oils or extracts (dietary supplements). Many experts believe that herbal oils and extracts should not be consumed internally, especially by infants, due to purity and allergy concerns. Homeopathics are unique in that they contain minute amounts of natural remedies that are designed to stimulate the body's own self-healing properties. This is exceptionally helpful for babies that suffer from immature digestive systems. Homeopathics are allergen-free and side-effect-free

What makes Colic Calm different from other supposed colic relief formulas?

Colic Calm homeopathic gripe water provides safe, gentle relief for discomfort from gas, stomach upset and colic. Colic Calm is the only gripe water that is an FDA-listed medicine. Colic Calm contains eight all-natural, allergen-free homeopathic remedies and is specially formulated to ease the pain and discomfort commonly associated with colic. Our formula does NOT contain alcohol, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, binders or fillers, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, animal products, or any artificial flavours or colours.

What is the best way to get out stains?

Colic Calm’s rich dark colour is as Mother Nature intended, without any “pretty” colouring to alter its purity and efficacy.

While the microfine particles of vegetable charcoal do not contain any dye, they can get lodged in fabrics and require gentle manipulation to loosen. This is why we have included a stain warning on the bottle and box.

We find stains lift out easily with most spray stain removers. Treat stain promptly. For stubborn stains, try pre-spotting with dishwashing liquid before washing. Many parents keep bib and rags handy so stain removal doesn’t become an issue.

Do I need a prescription to buy Colic Calm?

No prescription for Colic Calm homeopathic gripe water is needed. It is an over-the-counter product.

... I love this product, it works straightaway ...
"As a new mum I was reluctant to give my son anything that wasn’t natural. My midwife recommended colic calm for the benefits of relieving gas for his wind. I tried the colic calm and it really helped. It was 100% what I was after. I love this product, it works straightaway and he likes the taste. It’s the only advice I give my friends! "

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-- Rochelle D. (Queenstown, NZ)

... I would recommend any mother to use Colic Calm ...
"Since my wee boy Ryan has been taking this I have noticed huge changes in him. He’s calmer and more settled. Its been great. I have also been taking him to a Cranial Osteopathy which has been brilliant they are both working together. I would recommend any mother to use Colic Calm, a completely different child."

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-- Karen C. (Auckland, NZ)

... WOW ...
"I got it yesterday afternoon and WOW. Are you sure Colic Calm is OK as it has had amazing results just over one evening. My wee man slept so well last night and woke up with a big grin this morning! Thank you so much for making the effort to bring this stuff to NZ. I will be ordering more and recommending your site :) Thanks again"

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-- Donna S. (Wellington, NZ)

...Thanks for making all our lives easier...
"We had tried every piece of advice to help with our baby's colic and every product available to no avail until we tried colic calm. We immediately saw an improvement and our little girl was so much happier. Thanks for making all our lives easier. I want to let others know that this product really works when they are searching for an answer."

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-- Sarah A. (Hikuai, NZ)

... Instant Success! ...
"Colic Calm worked a treat for my newborn daughter. I didn’t want to use anything but a natural remedy for wind and none of the other products on the market worked. Colic Calm gave my daughter instant relief and she no longer suffers from digestive problems. This is a great product which is worth its weight in gold!"

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-- Lauri T. (Huntly, NZ)

... I highly recommend this product ...
"After the hardest sleepless nights with my wee girl and her digestive issues in the first few months of her life, I found that out of all the homeopathic remedies I tried, Colic Calm was the only product that seemed to help. I highly recommend this product and will certainly be using this in the future when the need arises. Thank you"

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-- Janet S. (Nelson, NZ)

... What a fantastic product ...
"What a fantastic product. Our little girl suffers from colic and we tried couple of other products before Colic Calm but they weren’t really helping. She is a lot calmer and happier since she started taking Colic Calm. Thank you for bring the product to NZ."

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-- Claire H. (Auckland, NZ)

... simply the best thing...
"Colic calm is simply the best thing. My son suffered from colic so severely, he would scream after every feed and pull his legs up to his chest. We tried everything on the market and was about to give up, until a lady suggested Colic Calm. Within a day of giving Colic Calm to him we saw huge results. Thank you this product is truly amazing. "

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-- Ursula N. (Porirua, NZ)

... I was so relieved ...
"During some of my most desperate hours in the middle of the night I searched the net and found Colic Calm and wondered whether it would be another gimmick or whether it would work. I was so relieved that after he had his Colic Calm he brought up his wind within a minute. I recommend this product to friends if they are having issues with colic or reflux."

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-- Kym W. (Manawatu, NZ)

... I’ve found Colic Calm to be amazing ...
"I tried every Colic remedy with my twin boys – unfortunately nothing helped. Lucky after some internet searching I came upon Colic Calm and ordered a bottle. I’ve found Colic Calm to be amazing stuff. It really helps with trapped wind and has turned a screaming baby into a calm baby in a matter of minutes! Great stuff, I’m very happy to recommend."

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-- Anna P. (Grey Lynn, NZ)

... It works really quickly to sooth the tummy ...
"When my third baby developed reflux at 2 weeks old I was gutted as had tried every natural remedy with my other children with no success. Colic Calm sounded too good to be true but I ordered it and my daughter’s tummy seemed to unclench within minutes. It works really quickly to sooth the tummy, gets wind up and great for constipated babies."

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-- Christabel C. (Hastings, NZ)

... It has amazing results ...
"Thank you so much for this great product. It has amazing results and has helped our baby a lot. We really appreciate the quick shipping for all our orders so far."

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-- Navdeep (Auckland, NZ)

... Colic Calm is the greatest invention ...
"I must tell you – Colic Calm is the greatest invention in the universe! It’s better than the wheel. Within 30 minutes of receiving a dose or two, my son is actually a happy baby. I can’t believe how wonderful this product is."

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-- Denise S.

... Your product is a miracle ...
"Your product is a miracle. It has made my baby happy again. Thank you so much."

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-- Drew L. (Mission Viejo, CA)

... We are so glad we found Colic Calm ...
"We are so glad we found Colic Calm. Having tried everything else to no avail it was Colic Calm that finally settled out 7week old baby and gave her the relief she needed to be able to feed and sleep without discomfort. Thank you very much. "

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-- James D. (Auckland, NZ)

... I finally had full night sleep ...
"We paused Colic Calm when the doctor gave Sam medicine for reflux but he still woke twice a night. So I started to give him his two doses of Colic Calm per day. From day 2 he slept from 7pm till 5am! I finally had full night sleep after 10 months! I am so happy that I did not listen to so many “experts”. Hmph! Experts! Many many many thanks!"

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-- Jun Z. (Lower Hutt, NZ)

... a life saver ...
"I just wanted to say that this product has been a life saver. Like many I approached it as a sceptic but I could not have been more wrong. The website is also fantastic and really helpful! I will be recommending it to everyone!"

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-- Emma C. (by email)

... can't live without it! ...
"Can't believe the magic it has done for my daughter and only used it for 24 hours (I say had, because tonight while holding the baby I dropped it into the sink!) Off to the chemist to get some more first thing in the morning, can't live without it! Anyway just wanted to tell you that your product was a great success for us, thank you so much."

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-- Paula E. (by email)

... This stuff is a miracle worker! ...
"It has everything natural to calm the nervous system (Chamomile, Fennel, Caraway, Aloe) & to calm the little belly (Peppermint, Ginger, Lemon Balm & Vegetable charcoal). Once I started giving it to her, she calmed down right away. She would smile when she saw the bottle as she knew it was going to make her feel better. This stuff is a miracle!"

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-- Jennifer F. (Chevy Chase, MD)

... peace of mind ...
"Thank you so much – my daughter can now sleep at night without waking up. It allows me and the rest of our family to get better nights’ sleep and peace of mind so we’re not frazzled either. I will be ordering my third bottle!!"

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-- Kristie D. (Easton, PA)

... We definitely love your product ...
"We definitely love your product. I believe the homeopathic vegetable charcoal ingredient has something to do with it (perhaps it neutralizes the acid in his stomach). We are also relieved knowing he is taking something natural and safe. Thanks so much!"

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-- Dalene I. (Houston, TX)

... This is the best thing ...
"All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS! This is the best thing ever invented! I could tell a difference in my baby in just one day! I even ordered some for my friends baby because they are just beside themselves, she is up all night! I told them watch their mail…relief is on it’s way! Thanks for the fine product! I would buy it time and time again."

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-- Kari H. (Creve Coeur, Illinois)

... I never leave home without it ...
"I’m a first time mom and Colic Calm has been my best discovery. It is really helping my baby, and I’ve already recommended it to my new mom friends. I never leave home without it."

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-- Sarah L. (Santa Fe, NM)

... Great product! REALLY WORKS!!! ...
"Great product! REALLY WORKS!!! Make’s a great baby shower gift. Order it before you need it so you will have it for immediate use. EXPECTING MOMS, have COLIC CALM ready when you return from the hospital."

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-- Matthew P. (Andover, MA)

... I really appreciate this product ...
"I have to say, Colic Calm is really the only thing we’ve used that has helped our son. He was extremely intolerant to many foods, including dairy, but it always helped him quickly. Now, he’s 8 months but we still use it anytime we notice his tummy is a little gassy and it works immediately. I really appreciate this product. Thank you!"

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-- Stephanie D. (Seattle, WA)

... heaven sent product ...
"We were shocked at how fast Colic Calm worked. With the first dose our son calmed down and you could tell he was comfortable instantly. We had our doctor check it out and she now recommends it to other parents. Thank you for this heaven sent product. Cade is such a happy baby. I wish I had ordered it sooner. Thanks."

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-- Kelly R. (Dillon, CO)

... I am thrilled ...
"You guys need to let ALL parents know about your product. I want to let you know that it has been a life saver. It took a good week to really work well. I am thrilled about my “new” two month old. He is pretty thrilled himself! Thanks ever so much for providing such a fantastic product. Get the word out fast!"

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-- Colleen B. (Upland, CA)

... This is a fantastic product ...
"This is a fantastic product. Once you get over the initial blackness of Colic Calm you will have a happier baby because it really works. Be sure to get the pacifier dispenser to give it to your little love; it makes dispensing the elixir much easier. Shipping is fast too, so once you order, you are just a couple of days away from a soothed baby!"

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-- Pamela D. (Roanoke, VA)

... Thank you for bringing Colic Calm to NZ ...
"Thank you for bringing Colic Calm to NZ. I had read about it on the internet when I was looking for solutions for my unsettled baby after feeding and it is great to see that it is now here in NZ and we don’t have to wait for lengthy couriers. I even took some myself the other night when I had an upset stomach – it worked in 15mins! Many Thanks"

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-- Anna B. (GoAnna Design)

... My vote for the Nobel Peace Prize ...
"Colic Calm gets my vote for the Nobel Peace Prize."

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-- G. Corsones (Holbrook)

... worth its weight in gold ...
"After weeks of suffering along with my newborn, I would’ve paid anything for just one good night of sleep. Colic Calm is worth its weight in gold. It should be given to every parent along with their baby as they leave the hospital. I always give it at baby showers."

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-- C. Henderson (Nashville)

... it has done miracles for my son ...
"Thank you for this wonderful product−it has done miracles for my son. I am very relieved as a parent. As a family physician, I now recommend your product and friendly & fast service to my patients."

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-- Dr. A. Frye (Kapolei)

... Colic Calm works amazingly well ...
"We struggled to find medicine for our daughter that would help with her colic. Colic Calm works amazingly well. Our poor baby had been screaming in pain with colic. As soon as we gave her Colic Calm, she instantly relaxed. I definintely recommend this product. The company were also brilliant, a truly excellent service when we really needed it."

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-- Rachael H. (Cheshire, UK)

... This product should be called colic CURE ...
"This product should be called colic CURE. My baby has been battling with colic for two weeks since my milk dried up and I’ve tried goat and soy formula, Woodwards gripe water, Weleda colic powder and Infacol. NOTHING worked as well or as quick as Colic Calm. My lil man is now relaxed, settles to bed fast and sleeps longer. Thank you so much. "

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-- zara_c (Trademe Customer)

... Colic Calm is incredible ...
"My cousin ordered it for her son from the USA. I have seen how effective it is. It started working shortly after giving just one dose to her son, who is suffering from very bad gases and reflux. Honestly, Colic Calm is incredible. In a few minutes he was settled and sound a sleep. This product should receive a Nobel prize!"

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-- Balkan (Trademe Customer)

... Excellent stuff ...
"Excellent stuff, I recommend, I love it so much! Already got 2 more bottles on way. One for me and one for my sister, cheers."

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-- Grommit2 (Trademe Customer)

... It has really helped with my sons reflux ...
"Awesome trade, thank you very much! I am enjoying using Colic Calm when required. It has really helped with my sons reflux and burping issues. Thank you so much. "

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-- mish13 (Trademe Customer)

...my baby had reflux and awful wind ...

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-- SouthKiwi (OHbaby)

...they recommended Tummy Calm...
"I have a 5 year old boy who has suffered from tummy issues since he was a baby including gastro-esophageal reflux for this we used Colic Calm this was amazing not only for him but for our family. Recently we have discovered his reflux is still present.  In desperation I emailed Colic Calm people to see if there was anything i could used for him  they recommended Tummy Calm, I purchased some the next day and with in hours he was back to his normal self we have been using it twice daily since. A truly great product ."

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-- Wendy Williams (New Zealand)