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Colic & Wind drops

Colic & Wind drops

Baby’s discomfort from colic, gas, or an upset stomach can be distressing for the whole family.

Our innovative formula is crafted with eight carefully selected natural active ingredients for fast soothing comfort.

Colic Calm only needs to be given once symptoms of infant discomfort become evident.

This fast-acting, delicious formula is a convenient choice for busy families, requiring no regular dosing or refrigeration.

Colic Calm remedy is vegan-friendly and free from sugar, gluten, simethicone, and artificial flavours.


Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. TAPS PP2236, iBaby Ltd T/A Colic Calm NZ


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Probiotics+D3 vitamin

Probiotics, or “good” bacteria, aid in the health of your baby’s microbiome or gut flora. By administering a daily probiotic, you can help rebalance your baby’s delicate digestive system. Research has shown probiotics improve vitamin adsorption, digestion and development of a healthy immune system.

While probiotics are found in food, the fastest and most effective way to treat your baby’s system is to give them a probiotic supplement. It’s important to know that when choosing the probiotic that’s best for your little one that the strains in the supplement are important.

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CoraCue Multivitamin & Immune Support

Establishing a healthy immune system is critical for supporting the growth and development of little ones. Essential nutrients may be missed due to gaps in diet, so babies and children can support a healthy immune system with CoraCue Immune Support Multivitamin. 

CoraCue has 13 essential vitamins & minerals that contribute to the vital nutrition needs of babies and kids to help support strong bones, healthy brain development and more. 

CoraCue is the first in the USA and New Zealand to include Aspalathus Linearis, (or Aspalathin).

Aspalathin is an herbal extract that is from the South African Rooibos plant. Research has suggested that Aspalathin helps support general healthy immune function.   

Always read the label and use as directed. Dietary supplements are not a replacement for a balanced diet. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Ibaby NZ Ltd, Wellington. TAPS MR7482
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Colic Symptoms

It is not uncommon for newborn babies to go through periods when they appear abnormally irritable or seemingly cry for no reason. However, if you suspect your baby is suffering from colic, you may look for the following symptoms of colic:

  • cries vigorously for long periods, despite efforts to console
  • symptoms occur around the same time each day or night, often after meal times, and usually ending as abruptly as they began
  • shows signs of gas discomfort and abdominal bloating
  • has a hard, distended stomach, with knees pulled to the chest, clenched fists, flailing arms and legs, and an arched back
  • experiences frequent sleeplessness, irritability and fussiness

In most cases, colic is the worst pain a baby has thus experienced. It is usually manifested as an acute abdominal pain with intense spasmodic cramping, but since colicky babies cannot describe exactly what distresses them, it is hard for parents to know the precise cause of their distress ...

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Colicky Baby vs High Needs

Colic Babies

  • Crying episodes disappear at age 3 months.
  • Cries more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week for more than 3 weeks
  • Prolonged crying episodes
  • Difficult to soothe.
  • Normal sleep and eating patterns.

High Needs Babies

  • Crying episodes continue beyond age 3 months.
  • Usually don’t cry more than 3 hours a day.
  • Increased number of crying episodes
  • Intense, negative reaction to strong stimuli
  • Irregular sleep and eating patterns.
  • Difficulty adjusting to changes in routine.
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Kids Tummy Calm

Kids Tummy Calm 

Kids Tummy Calm, suitable for children aged 1 year and older, offers relief from occasional stomach discomfort such as gas, bloating, upset stomach, and hiccups.

It's specially formulated to ease dietary transitions and soothe nervous tummies, perfect for little ones embracing new adventures like starting daycare or school.

This fast-acting, great tasting formula is a convenient choice for busy families, requiring no regular dosing or refrigeration.

Tummy Calm gas drops are vegan-friendly and free from sugar, gluten, simethicone, and artificial flavours, it's crafted with natural active ingredients.


Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. TAPS PP2236, iBaby Ltd T/A Colic Calm NZ


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Infant Gas

All babies have gas; some babies simply have more than others. Furthermore, some babies have an easier time passing gas, which may stem from a learned or innate ability. While a certain amount of gassiness is completely normal, it may be causing your baby discomfort, if you notice tell-tale symptoms, such as abdominal bloating, hard distended belly, frequent burping, spit-ups, hiccups, flatulence and excessive fussiness or restlessness.

Normally, newborn gas is not a problem and causes no pain or discomfort because it is quickly and easily pushed through the digestive system. However, babies are born with a very immature gut. Most experts agree that for the first thirteen weeks of life outside the womb, the newborn digestive system is literally just learning to function. Muscles that support digestion have not developed the proper rhythm (peristalsis) for moving food efficiently thought the digestive tract. Furthermore, newborns lack the benevolent bacterial flora (probiotics) that develop over time to aid digestion and complement the work performed by enzymes secreted in the digestive tract.

Gas has buoyancy and gas pockets can become trapped in the upper and lower intestines. The gas acts like a cork, impeding or halting the flow of gastric juices, and built-up pressure causes painful bloating and swelling of the abdomen. Baby’s immature digestive system is unable to cope effectively. When gas pockets form in the stomach, it can cause the stomach to distend, and it is also the main cause of hiccups.

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... I love this product, it works straightaway ...
"As a new mum I was reluctant to give my son anything that wasn’t natural. My midwife recommended colic calm for the benefits of relieving gas for his wind. I tried the colic calm and it really helped. It was 100% what I was after. I love this product, it works straightaway and he likes the taste. It’s the only advice I give my friends! "

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-- Rochelle D. (Queenstown, NZ)

... I would recommend any mother to use Colic Calm ...
"Since my wee boy Ryan has been taking this I have noticed huge changes in him. He’s calmer and more settled. Its been great. I have also been taking him to a Cranial Osteopathy which has been brilliant they are both working together. I would recommend any mother to use Colic Calm, a completely different child."

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-- Karen C. (Auckland, NZ)

... WOW ...
"I got it yesterday afternoon and WOW. Are you sure Colic Calm is OK as it has had amazing results just over one evening. My wee man slept so well last night and woke up with a big grin this morning! Thank you so much for making the effort to bring this stuff to NZ. I will be ordering more and recommending your site :) Thanks again"

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-- Donna S. (Wellington, NZ)

...Thanks for making all our lives easier...
"We had tried every piece of advice to help with our baby's colic and every product available to no avail until we tried colic calm. We immediately saw an improvement and our little girl was so much happier. Thanks for making all our lives easier. I want to let others know that this product really works when they are searching for an answer."

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-- Sarah A. (Hikuai, NZ)

... Instant Success! ...
"Colic Calm worked a treat for my newborn daughter. I didn’t want to use anything but a natural remedy for wind and none of the other products on the market worked. Colic Calm gave my daughter instant relief and she no longer suffers from digestive problems. This is a great product which is worth its weight in gold!"

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-- Lauri T. (Huntly, NZ)

... I highly recommend this product ...
"After the hardest sleepless nights with my wee girl and her digestive issues in the first few months of her life, I found that out of all the homeopathic remedies I tried, Colic Calm was the only product that seemed to help. I highly recommend this product and will certainly be using this in the future when the need arises. Thank you"

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-- Janet S. (Nelson, NZ)

... What a fantastic product ...
"What a fantastic product. Our little girl suffers from colic and we tried couple of other products before Colic Calm but they weren’t really helping. She is a lot calmer and happier since she started taking Colic Calm. Thank you for bring the product to NZ."

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-- Claire H. (Auckland, NZ)

... simply the best thing...
"Colic calm is simply the best thing. My son suffered from colic so severely, he would scream after every feed and pull his legs up to his chest. We tried everything on the market and was about to give up, until a lady suggested Colic Calm. Within a day of giving Colic Calm to him we saw huge results. Thank you this product is truly amazing. "

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-- Ursula N. (Porirua, NZ)

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